Jamb 19/20: How To Solve SMS Sending Failure When Sending Profile Details To 55019


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JAMB newly introduced way of creating a JAMB profile using SMS which involves you sending a short message to JAMB via 55019.
But unfortunately most candidates are now experiencing some minor difficulties that is preventing them from successfully creating their JAMB profile.

Jamb Profile SMS Sending Failure

SMS failure might be from several factors, which could be any of the following:
  1. Insufficient Airtime.
  2. Your SIM Is New/Unregistered.
  3. Your SIM has been barred.
  4. You are using Airtel or Glo.

  • Insufficient Airtime:
You need airtime to perform any transaction via your SIM most of our telecommunication providers charges from 4naira per SMS to even 8naira depending on the destination, content and length of the message you are sending. JAMB will deduct 50 naira for every SMS for account creation so you must have atleast 100 naira loaded on the SIM to get accepted.

  • Your SIM Is New/Unregistered:
For your SIM to be able to send any SMS or make a call, it must be registered. So if your SIM is new, make sure it is registered successfully and if it is unregistered, you should go to any SIM registration outlet and register one immediately or use another SIM.

  • Your SIM has been barred:
Make sure your SIM can text, call, receive text, receive call to be able to confirm if it is active or barred from the network provider. If it has been barred, you can call the customer care for help up simply buy a new SIM card immediately.

  • You are using Airtel or Glo:
Several complains have been heard from Airtel and Glo users the most, so it seems they have an issue with their network with JAMB so I will advise you to make use of MTN or Etisalat SIM, both has a strong network coverage.

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